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To reach my current stage in my creative career, it has involved an eclectic background in the arts, various disability operations and a keenness for learning or pioneering new developments.

Fine Art Painting

My paintings focus on capturing unusual shapes in nature, seascapes, rocks and figures.

The world around me is my inspiration. I study our environment, our behaviour within it and discover unusual images that we could miss in our busy lives.

Observation is key to depicting and celebrating images of a place or figure in paint and textile relief. My starting point is my passion for colour and design

Cynth Weyman producing Intaglio Strati Textile Relief
Cynth Weyman producing Intaglio Strati Textile Relief

Intaglio Strati Textile Reliefs

Starting with colour and texture, I've developed and named this individually styled textile relief technique as Intaglio Strati. It represents the carving into layers of fabric in cotton, fine wools and luscious Indian silks.

Paintings are usually created first to help me understand how the layers of coloured fabrics are positioned in the pile and how they will work together.

When I paint I think in layers. Water-colour paintings are created in a non-traditional way and help me to fully understand the way they react to each other before I commit myself to fabrics. They are rich in colour and texture.

I’m like a child in a sweet shop when I select fabrics for my Intaglio Strati pictures. When I’m searching through fabrics, it’s a mouth-watering experience. The aim is to depict my personal story in which visitors can engage.

Other artworks illustrate environmental images as reminders of the natural beauty around us and how it erodes over time if we ignore its fragility.


Cynth Weyman producing Intaglio Strati Textile Relief
Cynth Weyman producing Intaglio Strati Textile Relief

I certainly enjoy a challenge. Not using fancy gadgets on my sewing machine is a considered decision. Stitching through 15 layers is a physical workout sometimes. By accident, the machine’s limitations create random lines and a sense of rhythm which stylises the image akin to stained glass.

As a result many visitors see other images within the intended ones, enabling them to engage with the artwork contribute even more ideas.

‘Cynth Weyman’s technique is certainly different, very individual, stunning and inspirational’  

J Williams.

As for all artists, when you purchase artworks or book creative sessions, your contribution enables our creativity to continue. You also support the local organisations upon which we depend.

Thanks to all my supporters – much appreciated and I’ve enjoyed sharing the process with you.