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‘My Posh Scarves’

Gorgeous fashion pieces for serious collectors, or those who just love beautiful things.

Inspired by my original Intaglio Strati textile reliefs, I've created these 'stunning' silk scarves - available as in a range of sizes and styles.

With the help of computer-aided design, I've selected details from my original artworks and created digitally printed silk scarves.

Designs are inspired by my original Seascapes including ‘After the Brickworks’, ‘Peach Sunset’ and ‘Curves Stripes & Jewels’ and create a ‘wow’ factor by using either larger versions of original artworks or detailed areas repeated to create a totally different pattern.

Colour schemes are available in the original colour scheme or scarves can be created to your order in alternative schemes to match fashion outfits.

A selection of my beautiful hand-finished silk scarves

These bold and colourful scarves are created  in 100% Georgette, Satin or Dupont Silk and are hand-finished by yours truly in Wales.

Some are hand rolled hemmed or hand embroidered, with the embroidery on some designs being extended into hand made fringes

‘They are almost too beautiful to wear and would use them for very special occasions or for draping across a chair as part for their bedroom decor scheme’.

'I put mine on every morning for a few minutes to make me feel wonderful' - J. Kear

'You can even wear these scarves with an older jumper and you're made! - Woman on bus

'Don't just wear these scarves. Flaunt them just like a stylish Parisan women does' -  Linda

If you wish to be noticed, ‘my posh scarves’ collection will definitely oblige.

Progression of the artwork that led to the My Posh Scarf designs

French women don’t wear a scarf – they flaunt it! So why not create a ‘wow factor’ statement on a plain outfit for that very special occasion.

Perfect for the Mother of the Bride, Award ceremonies, a special dinner dance or party etc. (You can neatly fold it into your handbag/pouch or just drape it across a chair whilst you dance the night away!)

'My Posh Scarves' - Special gifts for special people.