Cynth Weyman – Current Gallery Exhibition

Exhibition collections are changed every six weeks at my gallery.

January – February 2017

Towy Valley Collections

Castles & Abbeys: Dryslwyn Castle, Carreg Cennen and Talley Abbey start a new series of artworks and textile reliefs.

‘My Posh Scarves’ – 3rd collection. Many say they are sheer oppulence.

New lines – Mugs: showing your favourite watercolour and textile images. Many bought them for stocking fillers at Christmas. Must be a birthday soon.

New artworks in progress: ‘Misty Towy Valley’ getting the mist right is the recent challenge in paint and Intaglio Strati. Its coming along now. Thanks for your suggestions Ann C.



September-October 2016 Exhibition
Current artworks include:
Recently finished ‘Rock Man Swiming: Ceibwr Bay’ joins ‘Rock Woman’ series. Afterall – we must have equal opportunites for rocks too! One man is building a wall for his giclee print of ‘Mechanics World of Freedom’ – pretty impressive eh? See the original and print this month too.

Intaglio Strati textile relief ‘Another Amazing Sunset: Pwllgwaelod’ celebrating the incredible sunset just before the recent eclipse of the moon, is now in the window alongside its water-colour. Special artworks for special walls.

Third limited edition collection of ‘my posh sacrves’ in silk also joins the exhibition. Ideas for Christmas come to many folks minds already. Special fashion pieces for special people.

Inspired 2 Collect Gallery in Carmarthen is on route between the train/bus stations and Marks & Spencer. Please see Home page for Seasonal Opening Hours.

Student Lock In: For one evening only on Tuesday 27th September, the gallery will be open 6-9pm offering special deals and talks about my artworks. I’m next to TSB. See bright pink posters around Carmarthen town for details of how to get involved and what you need to paticipate. Look forward to meeting you.