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Creative Journeys - Cynth Weyman


‘My Brain She Boils’ celebrates my passion for colour and the three art forms I use. It also illustrates the dilemma every artist faces in allocating time for creativity, technology and marketing alongside family responsibilities.  It’s multi-tasking at the highest level. 

Like other professional artists, the contemplative artist has to juggle creative ideas with administration, technology, exhibitions, marketing, social media, finance, family and home. Even whilst having a cuppa in the garden, the hedge always seems to need cutting again. No peace for the creative!

‘Disproportionally in the Pink’ celebrates that moment of artistic recognition:  gallery exhibitions, the preview, the press and the family. The business card confirms the professional artist status.



‘Retire to Wear Purple No Chance!’ celebrates an era of creativity from art school days to being a professional artist. The art student reminds the reclining artist that she does not look like that anymore. Reflected in the mirror she has matured gracefully. Within that era, she (me) has created key artworks and pioneered a new technique worth celebration. In my case, I even opened a gallery at the age of 65.

Retire to wear purple no chance - Intaglio Strati Relief

The series shows how we experiment creatively until we find our niche, how we survive, what’s important to us and the key challenges in being true to oneself as an artist.

Historically, this has always been the case for artists. The key difference in the history of artist’s lifestyles seems to be the use of technology and social media.  As artists, we now have to learn and update those skills too. Occasionally it can create conflicts in priority of creating artworks and financial survival.

‘Diary of an Artist’ series illustrates my life as a creative person – one that other artists can relate.  For me, it’s also about the use of opulent Rajasthan silk fabrics gathered on my travels and how they have influenced my colour palette and use of media. In a way, they provided a sense of creative discipline and still do so.

This series is about the story of an artist, starting with my own experiences as a female artist. ‘What’s in a Name - Weyman?’ questions  the name selected to sign artworks. As women we have traditionally taken on our husband’s surname in marriage. I’ve adopted a name from my Weyman side of the family tree – one that will not change again.

Intaglio Strati was too difficult to depict each member’s name. As a farming family with so many members since 1549, it was too difficult to depict in Intaglio Strati. I have chosen the creative members as there are not many of us. The oak tree depicts strength and creativity. The 13c historical folly and choice of linen fabric gives the art quilt a sense of heritage since the Weyman’s of 1549. Commissions are available for similar art quilts.

Artworks and fashion pieces can only be purchased through me direct at my own gallery, studio or when I am running an Artist in residency at major galleries, theatres, gardens and attractions.

My website offers you a taste of what’s to come when you visit the exhibitions. Artworks in paint and fabrics can be purchased singly or in collections. Commissions are also welcome.

When you visit the gallery in Carmarthen, we can share ideas related to your interior décor, rooms, outfits, colour schemes. Also, how to save money in the long term so that an artwork or one of ‘my posh scarves’ really works for you. They become your future investments, saving you money and effort in the long-term.  I provide a Certificate of Authenticity for an original artwork purchased alongside a Protection Tips Sheet. 

Browsing is always encouraged. So why not pop inside the gallery.

As some visitors say" ‘I could spend all day in here… it’s a real treat for the eyes…an adventure in colour’.

A warm welcome awaits / Croeso cynnes.