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Botanical - Cynth Weyman

‘Botanical’ series images illustrates the wonders of colour in nature e.g. fungi remind us that mushrooms are not just beige - they contain incredible colours as they decompose.

In the 1980’s, natural forms enabled me to concentrate on developing my own textile technique. The pictorial designs were already waiting to be represented.  

Intaglio Strati - Laetiporous Sulpurous


At this stage, I used 3 -5 fabrics layers and hand embroidery. ‘Ghost Trees Oxford’ 2012 using 10 fabric layers reminds us of the need to protect our environment – these redwood trees were destroyed in a storm in a Ghana rain forest.

The stumps now rest as environmental  sculptures in the National Botanical Gardens Carmarthenshire. The Welsh rain has already changed their composition and colour since I depicted them in Oxford.