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My work is grouped into loose themes that reflect the natural forms and experiences that inspired them. 

A celebration of the colours and shapes in the water, rocks and stunning skies of Pembrokeshire.

Rocks & Rock Women

A collection of the impressions and images inspired by the cliffs and rocks of Wales.

The Towy Valley river and castles in Carmarthenshire inspire atmospheric landscape pictures.

Depictions of personal stories from my life's experiences.

Depictions of personal stories from my life's experiences.

Illustrations of the wonders of nature in colour.

Through all the collections, it's possible to see the development of the artwork from initial sketches to watercolours and oils, and then onto Cynth's signature Intaglio Strati reliefs - with elements from them emerging into 'My Posh Scarves'.

Artworks and fashion pieces can only be purchased through me direct at my own gallery, studio or when I am running an Artist in residency at major galleries, theatres, gardens and attractions.

My website offers you a taste of what’s to come when you visit the exhibitions. Artworks in paint and fabrics can be purchased singly or in collections. Commissions are also welcome.

When you visit the gallery in Carmarthen, we can share ideas related to your interior décor, rooms, outfits, colour schemes. Also, how to save money in the long term so that an artwork or one of ‘my posh scarves’ really works for you. They become your future investments, saving you money and effort in the long-term.  I provide a Certificate of Authenticity for an original artwork purchased alongside a Protection Tips Sheet. 

Browsing is always encouraged. So why not pop inside the gallery.

As some visitors say" ‘I could spend all day in here… it’s a real treat for the eyes…an adventure in colour’.

A warm welcome awaits / Croeso cynnes.